NY Gun Owners: “We will not comply”

In Connecticut estimates range into the hundreds of thousands of guns owners who have refused to comply with the registration requirements for ‘assault weapons’ and high capacity magazines.  It isn’t an anomaly, in the North East it appears to be par for the course. Wide spread civil disobedience is an under statement.  Estimates in New […]

Americans back government down

April 12th, 2014 should be declared a national holiday that celebrates the 2nd Amendment and liberty. Today is the day that Americans stood against government oppression and backed government thugs down that were sent to harass rancher Cliven Bundy and to confiscate 1,000 head of his privately owned cattle. The Nevada Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and […]

The Obama Import Ban

It seemed as though we had relative peace and quiet on the 2nd Amendment front after handing Feinstein and her merry band of anti-freedom clowns a smack-down post Sandy Hook. We soundly defeated all attempts by leftists to grab our semi-automatic rifles and standard capacity magazines at the federal level. Sadly, some states enacted new […]

Bye-Bye 7N6

The BATFE has spoken. 7N6 surplus ammo is now officially banned from future import. In the official letter posted April 7th on the BATFE website, we’re told that on March 5th of 2014 the Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) submitted a request for a formal evaluation of 7N6 ammo by the BATFE. This request […]