It’s not about safety, it’s about control and confiscation

Editors Note: The author of this piece is named Phil. He served as an officer in the French army and for the last 4 years has called Texas home. He is a gun owner and avid shooter now that he’s living in the U.S. Phil brings a unique perspective to the discussion of gun control as […]

Ferguson All Over Again?

Are you ready for Ferguson v2.0?  Well, you better be, because the media is doing their damndest to give it to you! Yesterday (9-18-14) in Savannah, Georgia, there was an officer involved shooting.  The suspect, Charles Smith (29), had been apprehended by the cops, handcuffed behind his back and placed in the back seat of […]

Registration = Confiscation

Anti-gunners will tell you that they don’t really want to confiscate your firearms. The only way their gun control measures gain any traction is if they tell people “we only want reasonable restrictions” all the while claiming they actually support the 2nd Amendment. Even gun-grabber extraordinaire, President Obama, claims to support your 2nd Amendment rights. However, […]