Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM II

Reliable function and quality components are, arguably, the most important elements to consider when evaluating a firearm. That aside, there’s something special about a gun that does more than run right. It’s entirely subjective, but for firearms enthusiasts like me, there is an undeniable appeal in a firearm with “cool factor.” The Springfield Armory SOCOM […]

Open Letter to Mayor Kevin Johnson

On Thursday, 10-2-14, The Daily Caller published a letter I wrote in response to an opinion piece written by Sacramento, CA mayor, Kevin Johnson (yes, the former NBA player).  I looked for another venue to get it published, rather than posting it here at TBS, because it was not gun related in the slightest.  However, […]

Another Newtown could be prevented by cracking down on Home Schooling?

Time and again I’ve made the contention that Gun Control is about Control.  It isn’t about keeping anyone safe and most of those who lead these charges know full well what they are doing:  Using a tragedy to further their political agendas, government positions or line their pockets. By the end of this article I […]