Baseless Sensationalism and Scare Tactics

Completely Baseless Sensationalism and Scare Tactics – that is what has become of most “news” sources these days.  It is a sad world we live in.  I saw this article posted by a friend and I had to look just based on the title.  Not shockingly, this article is mostly sensationalized garbage intended to scare […]

Anti-guner’s Logic Bending, Lies and Disregard for Human Life

In their continued push to pass more restrictions on American’s civil rights, a recent article on the notoriously left leaning, quite ironically named “Think Progress” (since they seem to lack both thought or progress) touted that “The Number Of People Who Use A Gun In Self-Defense Is Pretty Much Negligible.”  In fact, they felt that […]

Another Self-defense Gun Use That Never Happens

Yesterday while working, a bunch of coworkers and I responded to a shooting that took place in an apartment complex, one that we visit on a fairly regular basis.  This was by no means the first shooting in this complex, BUT this one was definitely different. All the other shootings at this complex during recent […]