Open Letter to Mayor Kevin Johnson, Part 2

Dear Mayor Johnson, I am a deputy sheriff who was born and raised in the city of which you are currently the mayor.  While I have not lived there in quite some time, I still consider it my home town, so I try to keep up with what is happening there. You may recall a […]

Ferguson – Take a Stand

The media is having a field day whipping the masses into a frenzy predicting violent protests when the Grand Jury releases their decision sometime this week regarding the fate of Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson. Officer Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown who apparently had beaten Wilson moments before in a struggle to steal the officers […]

Yes America you are “too stupid” to know what’s good for you.

Time and again I write about gun control not being about the guns so much as it is about control.  Control over you and me. It isn’t about safety, study after study shows “More guns equals less crime“.   Recently the FBI data was released for 2013 showing while gun purchased soared, crime once again dropped.  […]

Scalarworks Lightweight AR15 Mount

There’s a new product hitting the market by Scalarworks called the LDM Micro mount. The LDM brings a couple of useful features to the realm of mounting T1 Micro and compatible optics to 1913 rails. First, it’s super lightweight tipping the scales at a mere 1.38oz without an optic. Secondly, it quickly mounts to any 1913 type […]

In The Line of Duty

I sit here typing this, trying to collect my thoughts as I peer at the monitor with tired, sore eyes.  For those who follow my Facebook page, you know what happened yesterday, why I am having trouble composing myself, why my eyes are red and puffy.  Yesterday morning, shortly after the incident started, I received […]

Memorial Turned Into Anti-gun Propaganda

This morning, I was perusing my Facebook feed and saw a link to an article that sounded promising, despite the source.  It appeared to be a tribute to the two deputies murdered in the line of duty on Friday, October 24, 2014 in Sacramento and Auburn, CA.  What I found should not have surprised me […]

The new IWI Galil ACE

For many American shooters, the Israeli Galil rifle is something of an icon. It was originally manufactured and exported by Israel Military Industries (IMI) in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Around 1993 the rifle stopped coming into the country and shooters were left clamoring for originals that brought $4k or more on the used market […]